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Mite avoidance measures must extend to the entire bed. For those not desiring a full-weight comforter, choose a lighter weight MISSION: ALLERGY® “blanket-weight” comforter that never requires washing, or one of our exclusive hot-water-washable fabric blankets.

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  1. Premium Microfiber Allergen-Proof Light-Weight Comforters - White

    Dreamfill® Microfiber Allergen-Proof Light-Weight Comforters


    With less fill than a comforter, but heftier than a typical blanket, these light-weight comforters are a good alternative to a regular blanket or comforter. Since they are made from Mission: Allergy® Premium Microfiber barrier fabric and therefore cannot become colonized with dust mites, they do not require washing unless soiled. Filled with DreamFill® ultra-fine fibers that are as soft and as fine as silk, it makes a luxurious, extra-lightweight comforter. Quilted with an attractive 8” end-to-end box pattern (Twin only available in diamond pattern). Available in white, natural and blue-gray. 100% polyester. Also available for purchase: color-coordinated Premium Microfiber shams, bedskirts and comforter covers. Learn More
  2. Luxury Soft Blanket - Blue

    Luxury Soft Blanket


    The luxurious feel of cashmere in a lightweight yet warm blanket. A favorite in all seasons, plush and cozy for snuggling. Shown in denim. Available in solid colors: ivory, beige, and denim. 100% superfine polyester. Made in USA. Learn More
  3. Heavyweight Shearling Blanket - Tan

    Heavyweight Shearling Blanket


    Our warmest blanket, made from Polartec® 300 weight fleece, has the luxurious texture, look, and feel of shearling lambswool. Heavy weight for the extreme warmth of wool, yet machine washable. Although recommended mostly for Winter use, works well year-round in certain conditions. Available in colors: blue and tan. 100% polyester. Made in USA.

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  4. Organic Cotton Blanket

    Organic Cotton Blanket


    Made of Certified Organic Cotton, these lightweight blankets are naturally soft, comfortable, and attractive, ideal for summer use. Pre-shrunk and machine washable. Available in only the natural beige color of cotton; no dyes whatsoever are added. 100% organic cotton. Made in USA. Learn More

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4 Item(s)