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While many people know that humans can be allergic to pets, it is not as commonly known that pets themselves can have allergies of their own.

The most common cause of allergy in dogs and cats is an allergic reaction to allergy-causing substances (allergens) produced by house dust mites. Although these are the same dust mites that are responsible for so many allergies in humans, pets and humans often differ in the particular dust mite proteins to which they react.

Allergies in both humans and in pets can be treated with:

  1. Medication, to quiet the symptoms. These do not eliminate the underlying allergy, but may help to decrease symptoms such as itching.
  2. Allergy injections, to gradually decrease sensitivity. These involve exposing the pet to gradually increasing amounts of the very substances to which it is allergic, thereby building up a degree of tolerance.
  3. Allergen-avoidance, to decrease exposure to the substances (allergens) causing the allergy. Decreasing the pet's exposure to the substances causing its allergic symptoms will decrease the amount of required medical treatment and increase its effectiveness. Allergen-avoidance is the logical starting place, and is Mission: Allergy's specialty.

Mission: Allergy is the leader in scientifically based products for allergen avoidance, and now carries that expertise to the solution of allergic problems in pets with Products for Allergic Pets.

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