House Dust Mites & Allergy Slideshow

House dust mites excrete waste particles that contain the most important indoor allergen in the world, responsible for asthma, nasal allergy, eye allergy, and eczema. This slide show, containing amazing photographs of dust mites taken with both standard and electron microscopes, will teach you about the anatomy, physiology, and life cycle of house dust mites. It is suitable for allergy patients, students and medical professionals.

You will learn about the size of dust mites, their structure, what they look like, where they live, what they eat, what they need to survive, and how they reproduce. You will also see the products and parts of dust mites that contain the actual “allergens” that provoke the allergic reactions, and learn about the associated mite products that direct the body to elicit an immune response to those allergens. And finally, you can see what happens when someone looks at too many pictures of dust mites!

House Dust Mites & Allergy. Jeffrey D. Miller, MD from Jeffrey D. Miller MD

After viewing this slideshow:
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