Pillows and Comforters

Our anti-allergy comforters, pillows and mattress pads are made with the same MISSION: ALLERGY® Premium Microfiber fabric used in our best encasings, so they are completely impermeable to all allergens, yet feel as soft as silk. They cannot become colonized with mites or retain animal dander allergen, and thus do not need to be encased or regularly washed. Fillings include:

  • DreamFill® made from ultra-fine fibers that are as soft and as fine as silk. Its superior lofting quality and down-like feeling provide comfort, softness and resilience, for a soft moldable pillow or a luxurious warm yet lightweight comforter.
  • ComfortFill an economical, quality filling for pillows. Its matted fiber structure creates a fuller, more substantive pillow offering more support, often prefered by side sleepers.
  • White Goose Down sterilized and washed to twice the industry standard and covered with our Premium Microfiber fabric, allows those allergic to feathers, down or mites to enjoy the unsurpassed comfort and luxury of a soft down pillow—without allergy.