Comforter Clips

Easy-to-use snap-on style. Keeps comforter secure and neat inside your comforter cover. Set of 4.

For those wishing to put a decorative cover or additional barrier-cover on top of their Allergen-Proof Comforter, these easy-to-use snap on clips attach to the inside of the duvet cover to prevent shifting and bunching, keeping the comforter secure and neat inside the comforter cover. Set of 4.


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Comforter clips held well and kept the comforter from bunching up inside the cover.
By Ramanareddy V Sadda
Well made clips. They held quite well and my comforter does not bunch inside the cover any more. Also made insertion of the comforter into comforter cover easy. I recommend these clips.

The Perfect Solution
By Rita E LeMieux
I was thrilled to find a product to keep the comforter in place. They fit perfectly in place.