Doctor Endorsements

Mission: Allergy is proud that these nationally recognized Allergy Specialists are among the many who recommend Mission: Allergy's allergen-avoidance products to their patients and to other Allergists. These physicians do NOT receive compensation from Mission: Allergy, Inc.

*Institutions are mentioned for identification purposes only; statements do not constitute an endorsement by the institution.

“I can rely on Mission: Allergy to be accurate and balanced, and to provide quality products to my patients. Your company sells only products that have been shown to be effective.”

- Andrew Saxon, MD

Chief, Division of Clinical Immunology and Allergy

UCLA School of Medicine*

“We exclusively recommend Mission: Allergy products in our division. Quality and comfort are key in mite barrier encasements, and Mission: Allergy covers are the best.”

- Ron Simon, MD

Head, Division of Allergy Asthma and Immunology

Scripps Clinic*

“I am very impressed. You follow the scientific literature, and sell only products that work.”

- Murray Dworetzky, MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine, Cornell Medical College*

Past President, American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology*

“Mission: Allergy is most capably led by Dr. Jeffrey Miller. I know of no one who is any more skilled at understanding how to control dust mite exposure than Dr. Miller. He has utilized this extensive expertise in the design of his excellent product line.”

- Gailen D Marshall, Jr., MD PhD

Chair of Allergy and Immunology; Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Pathology

The University of Mississippi Medical Center*

“Mission: Allergy has been an innovator in developing high quality allergy products since its inception, which keeps it on the cutting edge of the field. Thank you for providing products that our patients can trust to be effective for reducing allergen exposure.”

- Jay M Portnoy, MD

Director, Division of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics*

“Mission Allergy has produced an authoritative catalogue that we use for patient education about allergen avoidance for dust, mold and dander. Dr. Jeffrey Miller is a world-renowned dust mite expert and author of scientific papers. The dust covers Mission Allergy produces have passed the test of validation of their efficacy in an academic setting; no one else has this level of evidence in support of their dust mite barrier products.”

- Lawrence DuBuske MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine

The George Washington University School of Medicine*

“I recommend Mission: Allergy to my patients who want the highest quality products for allergen avoidance.”

- Joseph Sproviero, MD, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine

Yale University School of Medicine*

“I always recommend Mission: Allergy products to my patients. Their mite barrier encasings and other products are of the highest quality.”

- James Rosen, MD

Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

University of Connecticut School of Medicine*

“We recommend Mission: Allergy. They provide excellent products at competitive prices”.

- Jack Becker, MD

Chief, Section of Allergy

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children*

"Environmental control of allergens is the first priority and the biggest challenge for patients. I am impressed with Mission: Allergy’s dedication to providing evidence-based products for the allergy patient.”

- Richard Morris, MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine

University of Minnesota School of Medicine*

“Mission: Allergy provides an excellent resource for reliable products that are appropriate for allergic patients.”

- Richard Rosenthal, MD

Chief, Allergy Section

INOVA Fairfax Hospital*

“Mission: Allergy is always my first choice, not only for its high quality products, but for the wonderful way they treat my patients.”

- Bruce M. Prenner, MD

Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

UCSD School of Medicine*

“Mission: Allergy provides excellent products for allergen-avoidance in allergic patients.”

- Richard G. Gower, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine University of Washington School of Medicine*

Past President, American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology*

“Mission: Allergy brings science to the art of allergen avoidance. I recommend their high-quality products to my patients.”

- Mitchell Lester, MD

Former Director, Pediatric Asthma Center, Children's Hospital Boston

Past President, New England Society of Allergy*

“Our patients have been very pleased with the quality of products from Mission: Allergy.”

- Richard D. DeShazo, MD

Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, Chairman Dept. of Medicine

University of Mississippi Medical Center*

“We highly recommend Mission: Allergy for allergy and environmental control products. Mission: Allergy has been reliable and good to our patients.”

- Roger Katz, MD

Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

UCLA School of Medicine*


“I strongly recommend Mission: Allergy products to all my patients who require allergen- impermeable encasings. Their products are consistently the highest quality available.”

- Kenneth Backman, MD

Chief, Section of Allergy

Bridgeport Hospital*

*Institutions are mentioned for identification purposes only; statements do not constitute an endorsement by the institution.

The above physicians have NOT received compensation from Mission: Allergy Inc.

In the press:

“… protect both your pillows and your mattress with special mite-proof covers, experts say. Be sure you get covers from a reputable company, like Mission: Allergy”

the new york times

"Much Ado About Dust Mites"

“Say sayonara to dust mites. The fix is to use hypoallergenic encasements on my mattress and pillows. Dr. Fost recommends Mission: Allergy.”

health magazine

"How healthy is your bedroom?"

“…The first step in your mite-control mission: the right pillow and mattress covers. Skip the cheapie versions—their weave isn't tight enough, says Dr. Platts-Mills. Instead, invest in Mission: Allergy Premium Microfiber Allergen-Proof Encasings.”

mens health magazine

"Clearing the Air on Allergies"

“All mattresses, box springs, pillows and comforters should be encased in well-sealed, tightly woven, microfiber ‘mite-proof’ covers from a reputable company, such as Mission: Allergy...”

abc news

"Making the Indoors Safer for Allergy Sufferers"

The physicians listed above have not received compensation from Mission:Allergy Inc.

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