Pillow, Mattress, and Boxspring Encasings

Effective and comfortable allergen-barrier pillow covers and mattress covers are essential to any home allergy program. We manufacture the finest allergen-proof pillow and mattress encasings from exclusive allergen barrier fabrics available only from MISSION: ALLERGY® and made by us with the highest quality sewing construction for comfort, protection and durability. The differences from competitive products are immediately apparent. All seams and edges are bound with seam binding. All zippers are highest quality, with interior zipper flaps to prevent possible allergen escape through the zipper webbing. And placement of encasings on the mattress is easy, thanks to super-long zippers -- half the circumference of the entire mattress! MISSION: ALLERGY® manufactures its own allergen-proof encasings from two exclusive fabrics:

MISSION: ALLERGY Premium Microfiber®--the ultimate in comfort and durability. This silky soft, premium quality microfiber fabric is strong but lightweight, and totally imperceptible beneath the pillowcase and sheets. It is an extremely tightly woven, true microfiber fabric with a mean pore size of only 2 microns, the smallest of any commercially available microfiber encasing. It allows the free passage of air and moisture, but prevents the escape of allergens, both dust mite allergens as well as the smaller animal dander allergens. It is the ultimate in comfort, protection, and durability. Lifetime warranty.

MISSION: ALLERGY Barrier Fabric II®--a fine product at a reasonable price. This high quality fabric is an exceptional value, providing protection and durability at a moderate price. It is an effective allergen barrier, with a mean pore size of 6 microns, and is made with the same quality construction as our top-of-the-line Premium Microfiber encasings. For effectiveness at a midline price, these encasings have no equal. Ten-year warranty.