Mission: Allergy Affiliated Practices (alphabetical)

Mission:Allergy is proud that the following high-quality practices of Board Certified allergy specialists are among the many recommending Mission:Allergy's doctor-developed allergen avoidance products to their patients. There are no financial connections between Mission:Allergy, Inc. and these allergy practices. All recommendations are therefore made solely in the best interest of the patient.

Photo of Dr. Nikhila Schroeder

Allergenuity Health

Nikhila Schroeder, MD MEng


Dr. Nikhila Schroeder is board certified in both Allergy & Immunology (adult and pediatric) and Pediatrics. She created Allergenuity Health to build an ideal care community for people affected by allergies and to do everything she can to end the isolation that she has seen affect so many people and families with allergic conditions. Allergenuity Health is an integrative allergy direct care clinic that offers medical services and comprehensive food and environmental Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) treatment.

Allergenuity Health

Photos of Dr. Ivan Cardona, Dr. Barbara Chilmonczyk, Dr. Jon Musmand, Dr. Denise Vikman

Allergy & Asthma Associates of Maine

Ivan Cardona MD
Barbara Chilmonczyk MD
Jon Musmand MD
Denise Vikman FNP


Allergy & Asthma Associates of Maine

Photos of Dr. Abdul Bahrainwala, Dr. Amrish Patel, Dr. Mohamad Tawila, Dr. Krista Todorich, Dr. Dale Stone

Allergy and Asthma Associates of Michigan

Abdul Bahrainwala MD
Amrish Patel MD
Mohamad Tawila MD
Krista Todorich MD
Dale Stone MD


Allergy and Asthma Associates of Michigan is a medical practice dedicated to providing the latest and most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment options in allergy, asthma and sinus disease care. Our doctors are Board Certified in Allergy & Immunology and have over 50 years of combined experience and expertise in this field.

Allergy and Asthma Associates of Michigan

Photos of Dr. Kenneth Backman, Dr. Katherine Bloom, Susanne Hines

Allergy and Asthma Care of Fairfield County

Kenneth Backman MD
Katherine Bloom MD
Suzanne Hines APRN


Allergy and Asthma Care of Fairfiled County strives to provide the highest quality care of allergies and asthma in a comfortable, convenient, state--of-the-art office.

Allergy and Asthma Care of Fairfiled County

Photo of Dr. Neil Minikes

Allergy and Asthma Center of Northern New Jersey

Neil Minikes MD


The Allergy and Asthma Center of Northern New Jersey is dedicated to providing outstanding care to adults and children who suffer from allergy-related diseases and asthma.  We pride ourselves in our ability to diagnose and treat a wide range of allergic conditions such as seasonal allergies (hay fever), food allergies, eczema, hives, sinus diseases, drug allergy and asthma.  Our mission is to provide excellent care with precision and compassion with the goal of improving the lives of individuals with allergies and asthma.

Allergy and Asthma Center of Northern New Jersey


Allergy & Asthma Center of Central Maryland

Monica Korff MD
Glenn Silber MD
Michael Goldman MD
Lynne Zheutlin MD
Dara Neuman-Sunshine MD


This practice is decicated to serving patients of all ages and helping in the diagnosis, management and support for allergies, asthma, and other immunologic problems.


Photo of Dr. Alan Gaines and Dr. Russell Settipane

Allergy and Asthma Centers of Rhode Island

Alan Gaines MD
Robert Settipane, M.D.
Russell Settipane MD


The Allergy and Asthma Centers of Rhode Island are dedicated to working with our patients and their families to minimize the effects of allergies and related diseases and to improve their quality of life. A major emphasis is placed on the identification and reduction of environmental allergens that may be contributing to symptoms.We are Board-Certified Allergists and Immunologists with 4 offices across the state.

Allergy and Asthma Centers of Rhode Island

Group photo of Dr. Terry Graves, Dr. John Basich, Dr. Walter Brummund, Dr. James Cranbrg, Dr. Mary Burnett

Allergy & Asthma Centers SC

Terry Graves MD
John Basich MD
Walter Brummund MD, PhD
James Cranberg MD
Mary Burnett MD 


Since 1979, we have provided quality subspecialty care for allergy and asthma patients. Our approach to patient care is to be thoughtful, compassionate and thorough. We strive to provide the best patient care possible, and believe the best interest of the patient is the only interest that matters. 

Allergy & Asthma Centers SC

Photo of Dr. Paul Lindner and Dr. Ora Burnstein

Allergy & Asthma Center of Stamford

Paul Lindner MD
Ora Burstein MD


We are a full-service adult and pediatric allergy and asthma center, and the largest provider of allergy and asthma care in the greater Stamford area. In practice since 1991, our allergists take pride in accurate diagnostic testing and expert treatment. Patient satisfaction and comfort are important to us.


Photos of Dr. Paul Rabinowitz, Dr. Mark Livezey, Dr. Glen Nadel

Allergy & Asthma Consultants

Paul Rabinowitz MD
Mark Livezey MD
Glen Nadel MD


At Allergy and Asthma Consultants, our award-winning physicians and staff are committed to providing our patients with compassionate, state-of-the-art medical care in a warm and friendly environment. We certainly aren't the biggest allergy practice in the metro Atlanta area, but we feel that we are the best (and so do many of our patients)! Our patients consistently tell us that they feel like family. Our staff has 219 combined years of service, an average of almost 13 years per employee!

Allergy & Asthma Consultants

Photo of Dr. Gary Steven and Dr. Don Bukstein

Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center

Gary Steven MD, PhD
Don Bukstein MD


Board-certified in allergy and immunology, Gary C. Steven, MD, PhD, and Don A. Bukstein, MD and their staff operate a state-of-the-art allergy and asthma practice in southeastern Wisconsin. We provide the full range of allergy services for both children and adults.  Working as an independent clinic providing individual care, your quality of life is our greatest concern.

Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center

Photo of Dr. Gary Steven and Dr. Don Bukstein

Allergy Asthma and Sinus Center

Behnam Daghigh MD
Huong Thai-Kemprowski MD
Saba Sharif MD


In our practice, the total patient is our primary concern, and we pride ourselves on providing personal and friendly care. We are dedicated to fully educating you about your health needs, and strive to be your partner in health. With three offices located throughout Loudoun County, the Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center is here to provide professional care for your family.

Allergy Asthma and Sinus Center

Photo of Dr. Bassem Chahine

Allergy + Immunology Center

Bassem Chahine MD


At the Miami Allergy and Immunology Center, Dr. Chahine provides personalized evaluations, diagnoses and evidence-based treatments for the full spectrum of allergic and immunologic disorders.

Allergy + Immunology Center

Photo of Dr. Robert Ziering and Dr. Heather Volpp

Allergy & Immunology Medical Group

Robert Ziering MD
Heather Volpp MD


We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of asthma, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), food and medication allergies, eczema and hives, insect sting allergies and chronic sinusitis. Our goal is to educate patients of all ages about their condition and help them have a better quality of life.

Allergy & Immunology Medical Group

Photo of Dr. Brett Stanaland and Dr. Maria Olivero

Allergy, Sinus & Asthma Specialists of Naples

Brett Stanaland MD
Maria Olivero MD



Group photo of Dr. Richard Rosenthal, Dr. Ana Maria Saavedra-Delgad, Dr. Richard Nicklas

Allergy Source

Richard Rosenthal MD
Ana Maria Saavedra-Delgado MD
Richard Nicklas MD


We are conveniently located in northern Virginia with offices in Fairfax and Reston. All of our physicians are board certified specialists in allergy, asthma and immunology and are committed to providing personalized care for children and adults with allergic conditions of all kinds. Our services include the evaluation, care and management of allergic rhinitis (hayfever), sinusitis, asthma, hives, animal allergy, stinging insect allergy, food allergy and drug allergy.

Allergy Source

Photo of Dr. Travis Miller

The Allergy Station

Travis Miller MD


Come to an office that is peaceful and free of the rush and impersonal nature common in many locations today. We have radically changed our model of practice and built a comfortable retreat where you can spend the time needed with your health partner to have your concerns addressed.  I have handpicked a tireless, intelligent and courteous staff to suit your individual needs.  We remain on the forefront of research, and we offer the most modern, comprehensive care while keeping respect, professionalism, and compassion at our core.

The Allergy Station

Photo of Dr. George Browne

Bless You Allergy & Asthma

George Browne MD


Our mission is to improve the quallity of your life by serving children and adults suffering from allergies and/or asthma.

Bless You Allergy & Asthma

Photos of Dr. Bruce D. Ball, Dr. Andrew E. Davidson, Dr. Jeffrey J. Dietrich, Dr. Thomas B. Harper III, Dr. Meredith L. Moore, Dr. Carolyn R. Word

Charleston Allergy & Asthma

Bruce D. Ball, MD
Andrew E. Davidson, MD
Jeffrey J. Dietrich, MD
Thomas B. Harper III, MD
Meredith L. Moore, MD
Carolyn R. Word, MD


Our Board Certified Allergists have been servicing the Lowcountry for over 30 years. Everyone in our practice is committed to bringing the most professional and complete care to each of our patients.  We consider ourselves one large family, and we treat every patient with the same caring, friendly approach.

Charleston Allergy & Asthma

Coastal Allergy Care Staff

Coastal Allergy

Lewis Kanter MD
Cristina Porch-Kurren  MD
Christine Lee-Kim DO
Melissa Howie PA


Dr. Porch-Curren and Dr. Kanter, along with our associates, take great pride in the quality of care we provide.The team of highly trained professionals at Coastal Allergy Care are committed to serving you and your family with the best comfort and care possible. Every staff member takes pride in being professional and detail-oriented with each patient and his/her individual needs.

Coastal Allergy Care

Photo of Dr. Roland Solensky

The Corvallis Clinic

Roland Solensky MD


The Corvallis Clinic

Photo of Dr. John Tole

East Alabama Allergy and Asthma

John W. Tole DO


East Alabama Allergy and Asthma

Photos of Dr. Mitchell Lester, Dr. Mark Lichman, Dr. Aymeric Louit, Dr. Agnes Matczuk, Dr. Joseph  Sproviero

Fairfield County Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates

Mitchell Lester MD
Mark Lichman MD
Aymeric Louit MD
Agnes Matczuk MD
Joseph  Sproviero MD, PhD


Our strong practice philosophy--that educated patients are more in control of their asthma and allergies--is the foundation of everything we do. Our aim is to anticipate and prevent the onset of allergic symptoms rather than start treatment after they become bothersome. The physicians and nurse practitioner at FCAAIA practice evidence-based medicine, with all medical decisions supported by scientific data.

Fairfield County Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Associates, PC

Photo of Dr. Jennifer Collins

Gramercy Allergy & Asthma

Jennifer Collins MD


Jennifer Collins, MD, brings over a decade of experience practicing medicine, conducting research and teaching to Gramercy Allergy & Asthma. Her focus is centered on problem solving to identify realistic and timely solutions to your needs.

Gramercy Allergy & Asthma

Jeffrey Langford

Langford Allergy

As a fellowship trained allergist, Jeffrey Langford, M.D., A.E.-C., has practiced locally since 2008, and with tens of thousands of patient interactions, he is one of the most sought-after allergists in the area. He is dedicated to patient education and believes wholeheartedly in offering the highest standard of care. Dr. Langford's professional team includes Jennifer Hames, PA-C, Mia Kilby, NP-C, and Christi McPherson, NP-C. Langford Allergy provides adult and pediatric allergy, asthma, and immunology treatment in 5 Middle Georgia locations: Macon, Warner Robins, Forsyth, Milledgeville, and Gray.


Langford Allergy

Group photo of Dr. Gene France, Dr. Jim Ingram, Dr. Deanna Ruddell, Dr. Karl Sitz, Dr. Blake Scheer, Dr. Ellen Lu, Dr. Kelsy Caplinger III

Little Rock Allergy & Asthma Clinic

Gene France MD
Jim Ingram MD
Deanna Ruddell MD
Karl Sitz MD
Blake Scheer MD
Ellen Lu MD
Kelsy Caplinger III MD


Little Rock Allergy & Asthma Clinic

Photo of Dr. Scott Dyer

Maine General Allergy & Asthma

Scott Dyer DO


At MaineGeneral Allergy & Asthma, we're committed to providing the highest-quality care for our patients and provide personalized services to children (4 months old and older) and adults in a friendly and courteous environment. 

MaineGeneral Allergy & Asthma

Marguerite Pennoyer MD

Marguerite Pennoyer MD

Marguerite Pennoyer MD

200 Professional Dr #1, Scarborough, ME 04074


Michael T. Mosher MD

Michael T. Mosher MD Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology

Michael Mosher MD


Dr. Mosher has been practicing Allergy/Immunology in Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley since 2000. Dr. Mosher thoroughly enjoys the exciting field of allergy. He focuses on identifying, then treating the underlying medical problem, and strives to treat patients with the least amount of medications possible.

Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology

Photo of Dr. Roger Friedman

Ohio ENT & Allergy Physicians

Roger Friedman MD


Ohio ENT & Allergy Physicians

Photo of Dr. Mary Maier

TDC Allergy

Mary Maier MD


The premier pediatric and adult Asthma, Allergy and Immunology practice serving Bainbridge Island, Kitsap Peninsula and the Olympic Peninsula, we believe in empowering patients and their families with knowledge and tools so that they can learn to control their disease, rather than let it control them.  We employ an integrated team approach partnering with patients and their families, providing education and understanding of their conditions, how their medications work and when, why and how they should be used.

TDC Allergy

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