Allergen-Proof Pillows - White Goose Down

MISSION: ALLERGY® pillows are made with the same Premium Microfiber barrier fabric used in our encasings, so they are completely impermeable to allergens. They are a good alternative to a regular pillow, but cannot become colonized with dust mites. The sterilized and extra-lofted White Goose Down filling makes for an allergen-barrier pillow of unsurpassed softness and comfort.

Filled with superior down, sterilized and washed to twice the industry standard, and covered with our Premium Microfiber fabric, these soft and moldable pillows allow those allergic to feathers, down or mites to enjoy the unsurpassed comfort and luxury of down--without allergy.

"Pre-encased" with the same MISSION: ALLERGY® premium fabric used in our best encasings, they are as soft as silk, yet completely impermeable to all allergens. The outer microfiber barrier fabric prevents them from becoming colonized with mites or accumulating animal dander allergen, and so they do not need to be encased.

Polyester and Goose Down. Made in USA.

Care and Washing Instructions


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Pretty flat, good for back sleepers
It does not have a lot of stuffing inside. i do like it, though, because I am mostly a back sleeper.