Luxury Soft Blanket

The luxurious feel of cashmere in a lightweight yet warm blanket. A favorite in all seasons, plush and cozy for snuggling. Shown in denim. Available in solid colors: ivory, beige, and denim. 100% superfine polyester. Made in USA.

Dust mites live in blankets, so to decrease exposure to mites and their allergens you should wash blankets weekly (or replace them with allergen-proof comforters).

Our MISSION: ALLERGY® genuine Polartec® blankets provide warmth without weight, thanks to air pockets in the fleece that trap body heat on each side of an insulating core. And importantly, they are able to withstand the repeated warm water washing and machine drying necessary to kill dust mites and remove allergens.

Quick drying and non-pilling, the Luxury-Soft Blanket has the luxurious feel of cashmere in an ultra-lightweight yet warm blanket, for a plush and cozy favorite in all seasons. Available in ivory, beige, and denim colors, tastefully finished with color coordinated blanket-stitch edging.

100% superfine polyester. Made in USA.

Care and Washing Instructions


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Soft blanket
By Maripaz
This blanket is soft and keeps me warm, and yet light enough without the bulkiness of typical warm blankets. I can see myself using this throughout most of the year except during the summer months. The material is nice and thin making it easy to store. I love it so much that I purchased a second one.

Buy it, it's soft :)
By LiVi
I ordered this blanket, as well as the organic cotton blanket. Both blankets are good quality. The luxury soft fleece is exactly as it says, soft! I cannot comment on how it'll look a year from now or if it pills, as I've only been using it for a month. However, I'm pleased to report it looks and washes well for my dust mite laundry regimen so far. This blanket is warm and comfortable and has been perfect for this cool and wet May/June weather here in the Northeast.