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Shams, Bedskirts and Comforter Covers

Dust mite elimination steps should be applied to the entire bed.  If you do not wish to replace a comforter with a special allergen barrier comforter, an alternative is to encase it in an allergen barrier cover.  Decorative pillows should be removed or covered with allergen-proof shams; decorative bedskirts should be removed or replaced with mite-proof bedskirts.

Color-coordinated MISSION: ALLERGY® comforter covers, pillow shams, and bedskirts are decorative and allergen-proof.

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  1. Premium Microfiber Allergen-Proof Shams

    Premium Microfiber Allergen-Proof Shams


    Both decorative and allergen-proof, these shams may be used over your favorite existing pillows or Mission: Allergy® pillows. Made with Mission: Allergy® Premium Microfiber Fabric, they provide an effective barrier to all allergens and require no additional encasing. They match our comforters, comforter covers, and bedskirts, or may be used alone. Available in colors: white, natural and blue-gray. Sold individually. Made in USA.

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  2. MISSION: ALLERGY Microfiber® Bedskirts - White

    Microfiber Bedskirts


    Unlike typical bedskirts ("dust-ruffles"), which must be removed and replaced for weekly hot water washing, these Microfiber Bedskirts cannot be colonized by mites, and therefore do not require frequent washing. Constructed from our exclusive barrier fabrics, this bedskirt completely covers the top of the boxspring for a secure fit. Fourteen inches from seam to bottom. Available in colors: white, natural and blue-gray. Made with white top panel and side panels in your choice of color. 100% polyester microfiber. Made in USA. Use alone, or with our color-matched comforters, comforter covers, and shams. Learn More
  3. Premium Microfiber Comforter Cover - White

    Premium Microfiber Comforter Covers


    If you already have a comforter to which you are attached, an alternative to replacing it is to place it within a cover made from our allergen-proof Premium Microfiber fabric, thus preventing the escape of allergens. Our microfiber comforter covers are imperceptible in use, and do not give the comforter a stiff feeling. Available in colors: white, natural and blue-gray. Made in USA. Also available: color-coordinated pillow shams and bedskirts for a beautiful matching set. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE YOUR COMFORTER FOR THE CORRECT SIZE COVER! Learn More
  4. Comforter Clips

    Comforter Clips


    Easy-to-use snap-on style. Keeps comforter secure and neat inside your comforter cover. Set of 4. Learn More

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4 Item(s)