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Personal Protection

Facemasks and eye protection can significantly decrease exposure to allergens when the allergic person does housework, minimizing contact of the dust mite or animal dander allergens with the eyes, nose, and bronchial tubes.

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  1. Respilon® Anti-Smog and Anti-Allergen Face-Scarf

    Respilon® Anti-Smog and Anti-Allergen Face-Scarf


    This stylish face-scarf and high-tech respirator in one contains a nanofiber filtering membrane that blocks the inhalation of both smog particles and allergens. Learn More
  2. Respilon Anti-Virus Mask

    Anti-Virus Mask 6 pack by Respilon


    Respilon® Professional half-mask blocks the entry and exit of viruses while also protecting from allergens. Learn More
  3. Reversible Allergen-Proof Barrier Pad

    Reversible Allergen-Proof Barrier Pad


    These Allergen-Proof Pads act as a barrier against dust-mite allergens present in carpets, couches, or other upholstered furniture. Learn More
  4. eye goggles

    Eye Goggles


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    From Uvex® provide lightweight protection from dust and other small particles. Soft foam gives a tight but comfortable fit. Anti-fog lens. Learn More
  5. Disposable Dust Mask - AllergyZone

    Disposable Dust Mask by AllergyZone™ - (3 pack)


    AllergyZone™ facemask blocks 95% of allergen particles as small as 0.3microns. Ultra-lightweight for superior comfort, it has an adjustable nose clip, two elastic straps, and a one-way exhalation valve to prevent moisture buildup. Discard after 5 days of use. (Not for use with gases or vapors.) (3 pack) Learn More
  6. Dust Mask - 3M

    Dust Mask - 3M™


    From 3M™ is lightweight, comfortable, and effective at preventing the inhalation of small particles including allergens. Rubber face seal, adjustable nose clip, and two adjustable straps assure a correct fit, so that allergen can not leak in around the edges of the mask. One-way exhalation valve prevents buildup of moisture. (Not for use with gases or vapors.) Learn More

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6 Item(s)