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Air Filters

Special filters and screens can minimize allergy symptoms by keeping pollen out of doors even when windows are open. And in homes with central heating or air-conditioning, the right filter can trap dust mite allergens, mold allergens, and dog and cat dander allergens.

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  1. Pollen-Filtering Screen-Window and Screen Door Screening - PollenTEC®

    Pollen-Filtering Screen-Window and Screen Door Screening - PollenTEC®


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    Replace the screening material in your current screen-window or screen-door with PollenTEC® screening to block the entry of over 90% of ragweed pollen, over 99% of birch tree pollen, and essentially 100% of grass pollen. Learn More
  2. Window Screen Pollen Filter

    Window Screen Pollen Filter


    Fits between window and windowsill to allow the entry of fresh air into the home, while trapping 96% of pollen. Designed for double hung windows (see photo). The sturdy, rustproof aluminum frame holds a replaceable filter cartridge. The filter also keeps out insects, rain, and wind, while minimizing noise. Seven-inch high model adjusts from 20" x 36" wide; eleven-inch high model adjusts from 25" x 44" wide. Learn More
  3. AllergyZone™ Central Heating and Air-Conditioning Filters™

    Central Heating and Air-Conditioning Filters by AllergyZone™ (2 pack or 4 pack)


    Clean the air passing through your central air system. The AllergyZone Air Filter is a highly efficient pleated replacement air filter for your home HVAC system. Developed by an allergist with expertise in air filters, the AllergyZone filter has superior performance in the three areas crucial for healthy air quality: efficiency at removing particles (95%), particle holding capacity, and continued airflow (when loaded with particles). The filter media will not absorb water, and will therefore not support bacterial or mold growth. With superior performance achieved through quality construction and the use of technologically advanced materials, no other filter matches the overall performance of the AllergyZone FQT12 Air Filter. Available sizes: 14"x 25" 16"x 20" 16"x 25" 20"x 20" 20"x 25" All sizes are 1" deep Available in two and four packs Replace every 3 months. Learn More
  4. Air-Conditioner or Vent Filter - 3M Filtrete™

    Air-Conditioner or Vent Filter - 3M Filtrete™


    Traps small airborne particles (dust, animal danders, pollen, and smoke particulates) 20 times more effectively than ordinary air-conditioner filters. The electrostatically charged fibers trap allergen particles as small as 3 microns, while allowing the free flow of air. Lasts approximately two months. Measures 14" x 24"; simply cut to size with scissors for easy installation. May also be used as a heating vent filter, if desired. Learn More
  5. Respilon® Anti-Smog and Anti-Allergen Face-Scarf

    Respilon® Anti-Smog and Anti-Allergen Face-Scarf


    This stylish face-scarf and high-tech respirator in one contains a nanofiber filtering membrane that blocks the inhalation of both smog particles and allergens. Learn More

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