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Barrier Pads & Cushions

Kids love our comfy allergen-proof “bean-bag” type cushion for lounging. Allergen barrier pads give protection from allergen in carpets or upholstered furniture.

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  1. Allergen-Proof Comfort Cushion - Natural

    Allergen-Proof Comfort Cushion


    Fun for kids, this comfy, round cushion is great for reading, watching TV, or just lounging. The inner allergen-barrier lining prevents the passage of mite or dander allergens, and the removable cotton outer cover is easy to wash. Can also be used as a mite- and flea-proof pet bed. Specify denim or natural color washable outer cover. Learn More
  2. Allergen-Proof Comfort Cushion, Extra Washable Outer Cover - Denim

    Allergen-Proof Comfort Cushion, Extra Washable Outer Cover


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    Additional washable, easily removed outer covers for our Allergen-Proof Comfort Cushion are available in natural and denim colors. Having an extra cushion allows the Comfort Cushion to be used even when the other outer cover is in the wash. Cotton/polyester. Made in USA. Learn More
  3. Reversible Allergen-Proof Barrier Pad

    Reversible Allergen-Proof Barrier Pad


    These Allergen-Proof Pads act as a barrier against dust-mite allergens present in carpets, couches, or other upholstered furniture. Learn More

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3 Item(s)