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Allergen Test Kits

Knowing the actual levels of dust mite allergens, animal dander allergens, mold allergen, and pest allergens can guide the allergic individual’s allergen-avoidance measures. These test kits are designed specifically for allergy.

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  1. Ventia Rapid Test for Dust Mite Allergen

    Dust Mite Allergen Rapid Test


    From Indoor Biotechnologies, allows you to measure the amount of allergy-causing dust mite material in your home. Dust mites are invisible, but this easy test will tell you in ten minutes whether there is a low, medium or high level of mite allergen in samples of carpet or bedding dust, allowing you to take corrective action. Kit contains everything needed to perform 2 tests: contact-free dust collector system, testing solution, 2 test cassettes with built-in color charts, and complete, easy to follow instructions. This kit uses test reagents developed at the University of Virginia, and it is the most accurate allergen test kit available for home use. Learn More
  2. Multiplex Test for Indoor Allergens

    Eight Indoor Allergens Multiplex Test


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    Obtain precise measurements of the levels of eight indoor allergens in your bed or carpet dust. Kit contains an easy to use DUSTREAM™ dust-collection device, and a mailer to send the sample to Indoor Biotechnologies,Inc., the premier lab for analysis of indoor allergen levels. You will receive a written report with the levels of 3 dust mite allergens, plus dog, cat, Alternaria (mold), cockroach, mouse and rat allergen levels—with explanations of levels capable of causing allergy symptoms—for a complete allergen analysis of your home. Learn More

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2 Item(s)