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Lowering humidity is an important element to decrease exposure to dust mite and mold allergens. These dehumidifiers and humidity gauges have been chosen specifically for the environmental control of allergy.

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  1. Self-Emptying Dehumidifier - DeLonghi DD45PE

    Self-Emptying Dehumidifier - DeLonghi DD45PE


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    Removes up to 45 pints of water per day from the air, to lower mite and mold growth. It also features a built-in pump that if desired immediately removes water from the collection tank. The water is pumped through the supplied 16-foot hose up to a height of 16 feet, allowing continuous action by the dehumidifier. Other dehumidifiers will shut themselves off once the tank is full, so that unless you can frequently empty the water collection tank, they will not remove humidity up to their listed capacity. With the model DD45PE, the automatic draining action of the pump allows the unit to function continuously, actually removing up to 45 pints of water from the air daily. Lateral intake and outflow grilles allow the unit to be placed directly against a wall, if desired. Other features include: Quiet operation, fully portable with Easy-Roll casters and convenient hand grip, easy to use electronic controls, adjustable electronic humidistat, easy to read electronic LCD display, 24 hr. timer, and anti-frost control. Energy Star rated-meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy. For rooms up to 500 sq.ft. 15"W x 12"D x 24"H; 41 lbs.

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  2. Space Dryer Air Dryer

    Space Dryer Air Dryer


    Dry closets and other small spaces up to 10x10x10 feet, eliminating the growth of mold. The units are not hot to the touch, and work by a silent convection method. Damp air is drawn in through the base of the unit, and dry, heated air is released through the top perforations. The Air Dryr® has been shown to render mold spores non-viable. Electrical cost is equivalent to that of a light bulb. 13.5"W x 4.5"H; 3.5 lbs. Learn More
  3. Non-Electric Moisture Absorber - Damp Check

    Non-Electric Moisture Absorber - Damp Check


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    Absorbs moisture from the air without electricity. The concentrated pellets in the dome attract water vapor, which collects in the bottom container for easy removal. The pellets attract more moisture and last longer than the flakes in competitive products. Ideal for closets, boats, campers and all areas up to 1000 cubic feet. Learn More
  4. Damp Check Moisture Absorber Refills

    Damp Check Moisture Absorber Refills


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    Damp Check Moisture Absorber Refills 1 pack Learn More
  5. Temperature and Humidity Gauge - Extech

    Temperature and Humidity Gauge - Extech


    Displays percent relative humidity, temperature and time. Digital displays are large and easy to read. Memory with reset function stores minimum and maximum measurements for both humidity and temperature. Gauge is approximately 3" x 4" and comes with built-in stand, bracket for optional wall mounting, and AAA battery. Monitoring of indoor humidity is an important part of dust mite and mold control. Learn More

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