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Dreamfill® Microfiber Allergen-Proof Light-Weight Comforters

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Dreamfill® Microfiber Allergen-Proof Light-Weight Comforters

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With less fill than a comforter, but heftier than a typical blanket, these light-weight comforters are a good alternative to a regular blanket or comforter. Since they are made from Mission: Allergy® Premium Microfiber barrier fabric and therefore cannot become colonized with dust mites, they do not require washing unless soiled. Filled with DreamFill® ultra-fine fibers that are as soft and as fine as silk, it makes a luxurious, extra-lightweight comforter. Quilted with an attractive 8” end-to-end box pattern (Twin only available in diamond pattern). Available in white, natural and blue-gray. 100% polyester. Also available for purchase: color-coordinated Premium Microfiber shams, bedskirts and comforter covers.

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These lightweight anti-allergy comforters have the same virtues as our regular Allergen-Proof Comforters: the silky Premium Microfiber outer fabric that prevents the comforter from becoming colonized with mites, and the Dreamfill® interior stuffing that provides a superior lofting quality and down-like feel. They differ only in that they have less filling, for those who desire a less warm comforter that is still an alternative to a blanket that would require weekly washing for allergen control.

Our Lightweight Allergen-Proof Comforters are available in white, natural and blue-gray. Color-matched allergen-proof shams and bedskirts are also available. Very attractive and effective when used alone, they can also be covered if desired with your own decorative duvet cover (which, however, would require regular washing). 100% polyester. Made in USA.

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