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Premium Microfiber Pillow Encasings

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Premium Microfiber Pillow Encasings

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The silky soft Premium Microfiber fabric of these pillow covers is strong but lightweight, and totally imperceptible beneath the pillowcase. With a mean pore size of only 2 microns, they allow free passage of air and water vapor, but prevent the escape of all allergens. Superior sewing features include bound seams, quallity zippers, and interior and exterior zipper flaps. They are the ultimate in comfort, protection, and durability. Lifetime warranty. Made in USA.

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MISSION: ALLERGY® premium quality microfiber pillow encasings are strong but silky-soft and lightweight, totally imperceptible beneath the pillowcase. Made of an extremely tightly woven true microfiber fabric with a mean pore size of only 2 microns (the smallest of any commercially available microfiber encasing) they allow the free passage of air and moisture, but prevent the escape of allergens, both dust mite allergens as well as the smaller animal dander allergens. They are suitable for individuals with allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, or atopic dermatitis (eczema)—or simply for good hygiene.

All MISSION: ALLERGY® Allergen-Proof Pillow Encasings are made with the highest quality sewing construction. The differences from competitive products are immediately apparent. All seams and edges are bound with seam binding for durability. All zippers are highest quality, with interior zipper flaps to prevent allergen escape through the zipper webbing, and exterior zipper covers to prevent contact with the zipper. They are the ultimate allergen-barrier pillow encasings for comfort, protection from allergens, and durability. 100% microfiber polyester. Lifetime warranty. Made in USA

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